2010 is winding down and what a year it’s been. Volcanoes and oil spills, tornadoes and war-torn cities — we have all felt the impact of both man and nature’s wrath on the environment. However, the good news is that there are still many beautiful, pristine, culturally exquisite places to visit on this Earth. We are looking forward to a new year with lots of adventure and lots of laughter. There are forces we cannot control, but there are many pieces to our lives that we can control. One, never take the present for granted. Enjoy it, treasure it, and share it. That is a great philosophy to live by.

We at Compass Travel want to thank all our clients, those we have sent off on their own travels, and those who have traveled with us. We love what we do, we enjoy the moment and the anticipation of joy we feel in helping you cross the globe.

We wish you all the best and brightest happiness for this holiday season and for the coming year. Happy Travels!

Holly, Wendy, Allie, Rose, and Tom