Last Friday, Luigi and I left Logan Airport with a group of Colby-Sawyer College alumni for an Italian odyssey. What a fun group. We started our tour of northern Italy at the one place I can truly say is heaven on Earth – Lago Maggiore (aka the Lake of Dreams) in the Italian Alps. What a magical place — we spent a few days exploring the little towns around this area, taking a train through the mountains into Switzerland — an unforgettable ride.

Next, we journeyed to the fabled Italian Riviera and just lapped it all up. I heard there was snow in New Hampshire. Nothing but sunshine here!

We are now in Florence, the center of the world, if you are an art enthusiast. No matter how many times I visit Florence, the view never gets old. On Saturday, we will tour a winery in Tuscany and enjoy a cooking class with a master chef. We are really excited about that! There is no better food to be found in the world, than in Italy.

For those of you who are now drooling, don’t worry, we are planning two escorted trips to Italy for 2011 — as someone once said, Italy is a dream that keeps returning…